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AP Exam Information

Information for students taking AP exams - May, 2024

Exam schedule - The full AP exam schedule is listed here.  In advance of your tests, you will receive an individualized exam schedule via email that will include the room locations of each of your exams. Room locations will also be posted at the Main Entrance, by the Library entrance, and outside of the Counseling area. Rooms are subject to change so please double check the posted room rosters before your test. Please note: Students in AP Studio Art and Design will be submitting portfolios through the online portal by May 10th. 

Classes on exam days - On the days that you have AP exams, you have the choice of whether to attend your classes before/after your exam. We understand it is a long day of test taking, so you are not required to attend classes on the days you have exams (but you certainly can if you choose to!). Your teachers will receive a list of the students testing that day and you will be allowed (and expected) to make up any missed work. (Parking rules are in full effect during exams).

Missing an exam due to illness/quarantine - If you are ill or quarantined on an exam day, please reach out to Mrs. Ostar ( so we can arrange makeup testing.  Makeup tests will only be offered to students with legitimate reasons for missing the scheduled exam date and only when requested in writing to Mrs. Ostar with sufficient time to order makeup materials.

Exam start times - The official start of each test is 8am, 12 noon, or 2pm. This means that exam materials can not be opened prior to this time. However, we WILL start to complete answer sheet information and read directions earlier so that the tests begin promptly at the official start time. Seats will be assigned by testing staff. 

● For 8am tests - We will start to read the directions at 7:40. Please plan to arrive NO LATER than 7:30. If you are testing in the Main Gym, these tests are larger and will require longer check in times so please try to arrive closer to 7:15 so that we can begin on time. 

● For 12 noon tests - Please plan to arrive by 11:30. We are aware of and sensitive to the fact that some students may still be finishing 8am tests and will not start the tests without you. If you are taking two tests in one day, please be sure to bring lunch to eat in between, as time allows. There will not be time for you to go to the cafe. Please plan accordingly. 

● For 2pm tests - Please plan to arrive by 1:30pm. 

Per College Board policies, students who arrive late to testing may not be able to test and may not be eligible for a makeup.

Breaks - There are breaks built into each exam script. Students should bring sufficient snacks and drinks to eat on the breaks quietly in the hallway. Students are not permitted, per College Board regulations, to eat or drink in the test room, unless approved to do so through special accommodations. 

What to bring - All students should bring: 

several sharpened #2 pencils (NO mechanical pencils).

several black or blue pens. 

snacks/drinks for the breaks. 

● A College Board approved calculator for exams that allow it. Please note: some exams allow a scientific calculator while other only allow a 4 function calculator.

● Students taking Physics exams are permitted to have a ruler or straightedge. 

● Students taking AP World Language tests will record responses on a school-issued iPad (provided by DHS). World Language students can also bring a personal set of earphones/earbuds with a built-in microphone. 

● It is strongly suggested that you bring a sweatshirt for your comfort. 

What NOT to bring - 

● Books, compasses, correction fluid, dictionaries, highlighters, or notes 

● Mechanical pencils, #3 pencils, or colored pencils 

● Rulers or straightedges (we will provide for Physics exams) 

● Protractors or clipboards 

● Scratch paper of any kind (all work will be done in the exam books) 

● Computers or calculators (except on exams where calculators are permitted) ● Reference guides, keyboard maps, or other typing instructions 

● Watches that beep or have an alarm 

● Ear plugs 

● Clothing or shoes with subject-related information 


Testing with accommodations - Students approved through the College Board for testing accommodations will have those accommodations provided on all exams. Students wishing to opt out of accommodations must request to do so in writing. If a student is not over the age of 18, a parent must grant written permission. Requests for waiving accommodations must be received by Mrs. Ostar via email ( NO LATER than 7 days in advance of the test so that adjustments can be made to rosters.  

Access to devices - Students will not have any access to their cell phone, smart watches, or any other technology, including during breaks (unless access for medical reasons has been approved by College Board). They will be asked to place the devices in their bags and will not be permitted to use them until after the test is over and they have exited the testing area. Any device will need to be completely POWERED OFF for the duration of testing so that it does not make any noise, vibrate, or otherwise create a disruption. It is strongly recommended that students leave all technology and devices at home on testing days. 


For test specific questions, please contact you AP teacher. For general questions, please contact Mrs. Ostar (